Personal Narrative Indicates One's Relationship to Language

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Name: CRN: Date: Word Count: 583 words Personal Narrative Indicating Relationship to Language: The relationship between an individual's language i.e. any language is usually indicated by his/her character, personality, and culture. This is demonstrated in the fact that an author usually explains his/her relationship to language and literacy through his/her own experiences with a wider social and cultural framework. Generally, language is considered as a code since it comprises of words and chain of regulations that link words together. Based on this perspective, learning language incorporates learning vocabulary and the rules of creating sentences. However, this perspective of language is very narrow since it presents language as limited and fixed and does not survey complexities in communication. One of the major aspects of understanding language and literacy is the cultural framework that shapes a person's personality and character ("Language, Culture and Learning", n.d.). The process of learning another language is based on understanding the nature of relationship and culture. This is primarily because cultural framework is the platform or context with which meaning is created and interpreted. Therefore, the learner's culture and the context where meaning is constructed or communicated have significant impacts on the manner in which probable meanings are understood. Since the United States has a large geographical region and mixture of different races, I have grown
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