Personal Narrative- Infliction of Wrath Essay

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Swirling fog and dynamic light surround my silhouette, a warped halo of ominous colors accentuating the restrained passion of my abrupt, powerful gestures. A demonic cackle resonates from my parted, sneering lips, a sense of power emanating from my very pores. I summon my strength for my greatest achievement, my moment of glory, the heroes of humanity having fallen before my wrath, as pleas for reconsideration bombard my deaf ears. The stroke of a button - water vapor and carbon are the last remnants of the blue and green orb that for so long careened around a furnace of burning hydrogen.

So shall be my final moments as a supervillain, an evil and ominous figure against which hordes of mortals shall struggle and fall. My domination and
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My minions and colleagues demand the same respect from me that I do from them.

My evil arsenal thus far consists of the lost fundamentals of human existence: morality, compassion, and an appreciation of the beauty of existence. I have convinced the mortals who surround me that I share the human anatomy, mindset, and desire for peace; despite the occasional slips of evil into conversation, nobody would doubt that my heart's very desire is that all humans live in peace and harmony.

The fools! I have no heart! My generation was the last before the era of safety and self-esteem, and the effects are etched where there should have been a soul. We were not protected as today's children are, but instead were given free rein in our interaction. We played a horrifyingly dangerous, pagan game called "tag" wherein one child, the "it", was ostracized from his peers, who would all run in fear. This "it" (the game allowed the child no identity) would chase after his peers over dangerous safety equipment - metal bars, swing sets, slides and ladders, from which any child might fall - in a painful search for the nurturing physical touch of a classmate's skin. We grew as monsters, a lust for power

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