Personal Narrative: Influencing Lives Through The Beautiful Game

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Jahmal Williams
Dover Spirit Club
Influencing Lives through the Beautiful Game
I volunteered in the community mostly through our soccer teams. From Freshmen year to Senior year I have helped out with our Modified soccer teams. I helped coach with Travis Antilla, Adam Soke, and Dillon Nugent. The players all respected me because I was an older player and on the varsity team. I feel I really assisted in spreading the soccer culture to players and teaching them more about the game. I was doing little things to push them such as, always running, cleaning up after practice, and practicing even more afterwards. The importance of this was that, the kids who saw me doing the “harder work” realized that they could do it as well. Andrew Belcher, one
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It gave me friends for life, unforgettable memories, and much more. I play a lot of soccer outside of school for different teams, but the feeling of playing for the school gave me a different feeling especially toward the end of my 12th grade year. I was the Captain of the team for 2 years. The players looked up to me when they were down, had problems, or lacked confidence. It felt special that I could impact a person that much just in a few words, “Rodrigo, you are much better than how you are playing” or “Aaron you’re one of the best keepers I have ever seen.” Simple stuff like that would make a difference in their playing. I could go on and on about it. One of the most important lessons I got from playing here is that, one can’t do everything themselves at one point they’ll need help. This is from the fact I would try to do things myself sometimes, and when my teammates would help me it would go much smoother. This will benefit me later in life because the “Do it myself” mentality I had out on the field I had off it as well. I have always been like that. However, after my last season I know the power of doing work together. I will always reach out for help when I can in order to get things
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