Personal Narrative-Integrity

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Sometimes the truth may be hard to swallow. It can be disappointing, frightening, and even could make you angry. Especially when you were very confident in yourself. Self-confidence is a key to being successful just the same as hard work and responsibility are. I had to learn all of these things the hard way. I have always enjoyed watching sports and being active. When I grew up, I wasn’t very involved in activities. My first time ever being part of a team was in eighth grade when I played football. Although I went to every practice and always worked hard, I didn’t play much. After the season had concluded, I started to lift weights with one of the football coaches. I lifted weights up until I became interested in playing a different sport; soccer. My best friend, Matt, played football, wrestling, and soccer. We played football together and he later on had gotten me interested in soccer. It was finally time for soccer tryouts. There were a lot of people trying out for the team, myself included. They lasted all week long and we did different conditioning and fundamental drills. Obviously,…show more content…
This is my last year. My last year to make something of myself. My last year to show myself and my teammates what I’m made of. My last year to play not just for me, but my teammates. Everyday I am out on the practice or game field, I give my all. After this, it’s over. No more soccer, no more teammates to work for. This is it. Now is the time to prove all of the hard work, sweat, tears, heartbreak, and pushing myself harder than I ever have was worth it. At this point in the season, we’re 3-0. We have never started out undefeated through three games since I started playing. We beat Central Noble 4-2, Whitko 13-0, and then one of our hardest games we’ve ever played against South Side in a 4-2 win at home. Through everything, I would never give up the chance to play with my teammates. We all have one goal in mind;
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