Personal Narrative: Introduce Yourself

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• Introduce yourself—Full name, from Ann Arbor, Michigan
• Ask question: How many of you knew exactly what you wanted to do after high school?
• I had no idea, and the cost of college with no purpose was unappealing
• But I figured that the best way to learn about myself is to serve others, I believe that it transfers focus from yourself to a higher purpose—allowing you to ultimately realize what’s important
• So wow that I realized that I wanted to embark on some sort of service, I began my search
• In my search for community service, I stumbled across City Year, an international non-profit devoted to improving the high school graduation rate through the ABCs (attendance, coursework, and behavior).
• In all of the hubs, NY appealed the
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• However, the South Bronx also had an energy emitting from it, and that energy left an indelible mark on me.
• An example: I had the honor to work with a student named Edgar. Edgar was categorized as “Off Track” at the beginning of the year. He, unfortunately, was a prototypical student, with an absentee father and circumstances outside of school that affected his work ethic. Through everyday tutoring and coaching, Edgar and I became best buds—even though I felt sometimes hopeless in our education endeavor. But we kept pushing. On my drive home from City Year, he called me after his statewide tests to tell me that he passed to the 8th grade.
• This felt great, but I wasn’t quite sure who learned more from whom. Did I serve Hunts Point or did it serve me?
• I don’t know if I’ll ever be quite sure, but what I am sure about is that I realized to never lose perspective.
• I have been granted an enormous amount of privilege in my life. I don’t feel guilty for it, but I do feel a
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