Personal Narrative: Iracle Sister

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iracle Sister
On June 23rd of the year 2007, I was patiently waiting for the birth of my second cousin. Her parents named her Heaven Lee Sue, she was a beautiful browned-eyed baby with a small amount of brunette hair. She was the most perfect newborn that I had ever laid my eyes on. What my family didn’t know is what all would be taking place within the next twelve months.
My family would keep Heaven on occasion, she was a well behaved baby and acted normal, until she reached nine months of age. She became very fussy, would not eat, stopped sleeping as well as she did before, and began to run constant fevers that would not break. One night her temperature sky rocketed and she became very ill, her parents took her to the emergency room, they could not find the issue. The medical team transferred her to Cardinal Glennon for more test. The devastating results came back and she was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma. The disease affected her nervous system, and was very aggressive. The test shown that she had various tumors throughout her body; the ones that concerned the doctors the most were the ones located on her temples and abdomen.
During all of the commotion with her disease and treatment, her parents hit a rough patch in life and Heaven was removed from their home. After many months and stacks of paperwork, she came to live with my
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I had always wanted a little sister that I could help take care of, and that is exactly what I got. At such a young age I was not able to help with the “big” things. I was in elementary at the time so I was constantly getting sick, with colds or other things. When I started to show the symptoms of an illness or ran a fever I had to quarantine myself to my bedroom, and wear a mask if I came into contact with the air around her. To some people that didn’t seem like helping, but it kept her immune system strong so that she could fight off the
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