Personal Narrative: Iron Paradise

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Iron Paradise
Splshh and a deep breath followed by a splsssshh and a deep breath. A leg press and an arm flexion in tandem tugs the black cord causing the container of water at the front of the machine to form a tornado. With each rep the handle rotates through my grip leaving a thick layer of black tar that requires multiple scrubbings to remove. Twenty rows in my lungs begin to crumple in and out like that of a paper bag used to control hyperventilation. My body begs for more and more oxygen like i'm some kind of desperate addict. My eupnea gain capacity and increase frequency, but it seems like the vital gas in the air is depleting and I am simply running out of ozone. My vision gradiently transposes to whiteness motivating my hands to allay the deteriorated shaft. Luckily my feeling of relief overshadowed my disappointing performance. I look around and realize that I am surrounded by judgmental twigs in the cardio section of my gym. This is why I will only be found doing cardio if I am warming up for the real workout: lifting. We all know that person who goes out for a run everyday and cannot sleep without their daily gallop through the park. I am completely okay with
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Max weight and reps will increase after each workout and your body will start to resemble it. It is unbelievably satisfying to beat your previous one rep max, but it feels even better when you can see your body changing from skinny or chubby to chiseled. Lifting weights, like any other exercise, will burn fat, but at the same time it will increase your muscle mass sculpting you into a god like figure. Being muscular is a sign of strength and power and many are attracted to this dominance over other beings. The only shape running will get is thin and twiggy which comes with a sign of weakness and wimpiness. Just the act of running is cowardice because a person should never run, they should stay and face their
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