Personal Narrative: Is It Hard To Read?

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In the start I was super attracted to books and loved the feeling of reading because it felt like I was going into a more interesting life instead of a boring realistic life, If I really enjoyed a book I could read it for hours. I got in trouble in class because I read instead of working. But then one day I would never read the same way again. I went to read my book and I noticed that it was a way harder to read than it had been in days past. The teacher then told me to pay attention and I noticed that I could not see the teacher’s face as well as I usually could. Everything around me was blurry and I was nervous. I could not see the board or anything else in the class, I asked to go down to the nurse because I thought I just had low sugar, the teacher said, “Ok.”…show more content…
(Hitting some walls on the way.) The nurse said, “What’s wrong honey?” “I replied with “I’m sorry but I cannot see anything 2 inches in front of my face!” She gave me an eye test and I could barely see the board, I had to leave school. My mom and dad brought me to the eye doctor and they said, “I'm sorry, but you have very bad nearsighted eyes.”
I didn’t understand so I just got scared and my parents tried to calm me down and they kind of did but I was still scared.I didn’t know what feeling I should be having right now but I did not know what feelings to have.I was angry and sad all without skipping a beat.My mother said “There are a ton of people with glasses don’t be upset it’s going to be okay”.After mom telling me I thought of all the people I know that have to use glasses.I felt much better.I got to pick two gnarly glasses.
I knew this would change my life and part of me was kinda stoked.I was nervous how this would go but I was ready for anything.Whatever I wasn’t ready for I knew my parents had my back for
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