Personal Narrative: Is Something Wrong Bethany

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“Is something wrong Bethany?” he asks. Any other time I would have said no, but I’ve been keeping this in for so long, I decide to tell him.

I’m a genius. I know that sounds totally stuck up but it’s true. I’m a genius who is ten years old and in my freshman year of high school, who has always been in advanced math, and has finally written a book! I’ve been wanting to write a book ever since I was six and read Little Women with my mother. My parents don’t approve of my dream though. They think I have better things to do with my time, so that’s why I put a pen name on the book. According to the cover, instead of Bethany Degalo, “Sarah Selsom” wrote the book. I just got it published, so I should be happy, right? Wrong. Rachel, my best friend
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The principal’s office was on the other end of the school from the cafeteria, maybe because he didn’t want to have to hear the noise from us kids, but anyway, it took a long time to get there. it didn’t help that people were following us because they saw me hit Rachel. When I got there, I thanked the boy, hoping he would leave so I could make a break for it, but I guess he was smarter than that because he stayed. The office lady told me that I could go right in, which was a surprise because principals are almost always busy, but I did. When I opened the big heavy door, I was shocked. Rachel had a huge red make on her face! I guess I was a better fighter than I thought! The principal told me to sit down, and then he said, “You’re editor told me about the pen name, and I hope I didn’t overstep my boundries when I told Rachel, Bethany. I figure you just forgot. I’m going to leave you to work this out. If you have any more problems, feel free to stop…show more content…
How did he know I forgot about the pen name? Rachel came over and hugged me. After that we didn’t say anything until we were done our science fair project. Then we hugged again!

On the day of the science fair, Rachel called me to ask what I was wearing. I said I was wearing a first place medal that we were sure to win! When the judges came over to our table, they looked surprised! Maybe because I was so short compared to everyone else. When the judges announced third and second place, we weren't one of them. Just before the pause they took when announcing first place, Rachel whispered something in my ear.
“I’m getting a space in a magazine for for my blog!”
I whispered back, “I’m almost done with another book!”
Than they announced us for first
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