Personal Narrative: It's A Guy Thing

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You Can’t It’s A Guy Thing Have you ever been told you can’t do something because you’re a girl? Well that happened to me last year. I was told “ You can’t do that that it’s a guy thing.”. So of course, being the determined kind of person I am, I did it anyway. I also beat all the guys in my family that went. Nothing feels better than accomplishing something and proving people wrong in a good way.
November twentieth twenty fifteen I decided I was going to go hunting the following morning. I asked my grandpa for seventeen dollars to get a deer tag. He then told me, “No, girls don’t hunt. It’s a guy thing” ,which made me mad. I began to search the house for any money I could find. I couldn’t find anything so I gave up. I then asked my grandma to convince my grandpa to give me the money. Finally, after ten minutes he gave in and gave me the money. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get up and kill my first deer in the morning. I layed in bed trying to get some sleep for the big day, but it looks like I was too excited to sleep.
Today was the big day. It was the day that I was going to prove my grandpa wrong. I woke up and ran to get my uncle so we could began to get ready. First thing we did was put on insulated long johns, which were
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My adrenaline was flowing throughout me and I couldn’t wait. Time went on and it got later and later. I still have not saw any deer, just a bunch of squirrels. It was now eight o’clock and still nothing. I began to get tired and my uncle had already fallen asleep. I figured I will let him sleep and that’s when the perfect buck came into sight. I woke my uncle up and got my gun ready. The buck was in my sights, I took a deep breath, and pulled the trigger. The buck dropped right there and we waited to make sure it was dead. We then walked over and began gutting it so we could drag it back to the house to skin
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