Personal Narrative: It's Time

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Placing his hands on his knees, he takes a deep breath holds it for a count of seven the breaths to a count of five.. Repeating the routine several times until everyone knows what to do, Sly dismissed the class saying, ”We will start in the morning at nine sharp.” While practicing the deep breathing and muscle tighten exercises at home, Martha asked, “What are you doing.” “Just an exercise and some deep breathing Sly wants us to do, he answered. “You look weird. When you do them,” Martha said. Taking off their coats Santa and the other sits around the table drinking a cup of tea talking about their aching muscles while waiting for the wizard to start the class. “Okay,” Sly said, ”It’s time to get started. First, we’ll do the stretching exercise, tighten then highlighted our muscles, and the deep berating. After three sets of each, and he is sure he has their attention. He says “Okay, let’s take our seats at the…show more content…
For Orrie and Orville, however, it took a little more time before they can move something that heavy or two people at once. The fourth morning, when they got to the lab Sly said: “It’s time.” “This morning, we will transfer ourselves from here to the top of the lab, and back again” All right!” The elves said as they gave each other a high five. “I’m ready when you are,” Santa said, “Okay,” the wizard said. Everybody take a deep breath and think of the top of this building.” “Now put your left forefinger to your nose, close your eyes and breathe out” “Ready go!” Sly said. There was no noise, smoke, or big flashes of light, just a few little light twinkles for each. In a blink of an eye, they are on the roof of the lab. “That was amazing,” Santa said. The elves were so excited they all they could say was, “wow." Then they turned to each other and touched knuckles. “Look, I can see my house from here Isidone said, pointing toward the
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