Personal Narrative-It's Time To Purchase A Home

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Imagine having to move every two years with a family of seven, and not having a steady address to use on a job application or any other paper that needed to be fill out. I can’t stop thinking about the embarrassment I had to endure because my situation forced me to ask someone if I could use their address for a while so that I may have a reliable way of receiving important mails. There was a point in time we worked endlessly to purchase a home but ended up losing it within a year and a half because we no longer made the money we used to. During our struggle, we also became homeless at one point. My husband and I worked tirelessly but it was still just not enough. As crazy as it sounds it may sound, is possible because that use to be the predicament…show more content…
We figure why not try. Beyond any doubt, we took it upon ourselves to commence the paperwork that was required and purchased our first home in New Jersey with hopes of a better and brighter future. One year down the line our mortgage escalated by an outrageous amount literally through the roof and we couldn’t understand why. We called our mortgage company and found out that we did not have a fixed interest rate because the individual that helped us with this process screwed us over. My husband and I were young we were not fully aware of the procedure of buying a home or what to look for, basically we trusted someone we shouldn’t…show more content…
Two years after diligently paying off our debts and managed to save some money we began the process of inquiring about purchasing a home. There was a variety of programs that denied us and one of them was Habitat for Humanity which ended up denying us twice. The second time we were denied by Habitat they recommended that we try another program called the USDA. My husband and I figured we had nothing to lose therefore we applied for the USDA loan, it required a great deal from us we needed to be extremely disciplined and we had to meet all their requirements. They did not cut us any slack at all whatsoever because they wanted to make sure that we were responsible individuals. Once everything was clear on our end they gave us our closing date and we finally purchased a home in Palm Coast. It was such a relief to have a home again we were debt free we had outstanding credit scores and we were finally homeowners. We now have stability, a roof over our heads a place we can finally receive our mails, an address we can use to put on our paper works or applications. A home where the door is always open for me, the people living there will always love me. the fact that we have achieved this goal with many obstacles placed in front of us is what I call a success story one that wouldn’t have been successful without God on our side. My story may have not ended with us acquiring a large sum of money but I still see it as a
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