Personal Narrative: Jazz

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No sooner than we came back with the drinks than one guy who I found was named Dan pulled out a baggie and rolled a couple of big joints. Those were passed around and it seemed like Jazz always had one in her hand as the guys kept passing them to her.
I could see that combined with the wine she had consumed; the pot could lead to fun for me when we got home because the combination of pot and wine always ignited fires in her that are hard to extinguish. The last time she got carried away with smoking pot, her vibrators and dildos got a real work out after she drained me. “Hey Roy,” the guy sitting to Jazz’s right said. “Start up the tape again, that movie was just about over and I want to see it finish.” The rest of the guys agreed.
Roy said, “I
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not to mention horny as hell having so much male attention. I wanted to see how far things would go so I told her, “It’s up to you dear, do whatever you want.”
Dan was getting anxious to see more of her and stated, “Jazz if you are shy, how about just showing us one of those tits of yours.”
Jazz had that devious smile she gets when she is teasing and timidly pulled one side of the top of her bikini down and let the guys examine one tit then covered up again as the guys started praising how good that tit looked. That naturally got Charley to ask, “Do both tits look the same? Are they a matched set? Let’s see them both so we can compare them.”
Jazz was openly laughing as she said, “They match and to prove it here look at this.” She then stood up and lifted her bikini top up to her chin displaying those firm tits of hers to everyone as she pranced around giving everyone a good look. That seemed to be the signal for everyone to group around her. Earl just had to sneak in a feel, which Jazz didn’t object to. Of course, if Earl had a feel, then Dan had to grab the other tit. The next thing I noticed was her top had been untied and was on the floor leaving her
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