Personal Narrative: Jessah's Home

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It was just a normal school day, Friday, January 22, 2016. I was excited for Jessah’s party and I just wanted to go to Kaelyn's house because she was my ride. The school day was going by really slow, but I got through it. I met Kaelyn at her locker at the end of the school day so we could leave. We went out into the school parking lot to find her mom, Lisa. I started to get in the car when Lisa started driving away. I had a lot of stuff I was carrying so it was going to take me longer than five seconds to get in the car. She heard Kaelyns door shut so she assumed I was already in. She started to drive away, going probably two miles an hour. I yelled out, “I’M NOT IN!” I was only a little bit in so I hopped right out. I could feel my heart…show more content…
She didn't even know that she had just run my foot over. I climbed into the car and felt a significant amount of throbbing in my foot. I just thought there was just going to be a few bruises though. I started laughing about it because I think I was in a bit of shock. We got to Kaelyn's house and I took my shoe off.
Kaelyn noticed I started limping and said, “Are you okay Alyssa? I thought you just fell.”
I said, “I'm fine, it’ll be okay.” I didn't want anyone to know I was in a lot of pain because, again, I thought it was only bruised.
Kaelyn and Lisa continued to ask me if I was okay until I finally said to Kaelyn, “The truth is, your mom ran over my foot.”
“Let me see it,” Kaelyn said. I showed her my foot and almost the whole thing was purple and blue. She told her mom and she made me show it to her too. Then, she made me tell her exactly what happened. Lisa called my mom and told her what happened. My mom wasn't upset; she asked if it was serious and Lisa said no because I was still playing it off like I wasn't in pain. Lisa asked me three times if I wanted her to take me to Urgent Care and I kept saying no. Kaelyn’s dad, Mike, is a firefighter/paramedic so he took a look at my foot and he didn’t think there was anything seriously wrong so I just started icing
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“Tell me how this happened,” she said. I told her what I told everybody else.
“Well I can tell you right now that if you wouldn't have pulled your foot out from under the wheel and just let it keep rolling over, you probably would've moved the bone & needed surgery. You're very lucky.”
I continued to wear the boot until my next check up at U of M on February 12, 2016. The doctor said I could slowly start to wear regular shoes on both feet. She didn't even recommend physical therapy because of how fast my foot healed but I still had to re-teach myself how to walk correctly. It was more of psychological thing because I kept thinking it would hurt if I walked normal so I really just had to teach myself not to think that way. It took me a little less than a week to start walking normal again and I was back playing soccer again the next month.
I guess what I learned from this experience is to, one, get in the car as soon as possible, two, if you're trying to get into a car and it starts moving, move away from it as fast as you can, and three, don't be so stubborn with physical pain because it'll only cause you more physical pain and possibly worse
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