Personal Narrative: Joining The Armed Force

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It all started on a dare, I was told to join the armed forces. So I did, but everything changed that day when I saw a petty officer sprinting down the street. Only to stop not 2 feet in front of me and say “urgent telegram for Sergeant Rose!!” Which is when I knew that something was different because I never get anything important from the air force, I had only become sergeant a month ago. The briefing was hard because we knew most wouldn’t come back. Then it was shipping day. The steps toward the plane weren’t any better most of the men were married and yet most of them knew, knew that more likely than not they weren’t making it back. As for the ones that would be able to sleep on their own beds after this, well it would be worse. They would have to live with the fact that they lost their brothers in arms, but hey I'm getting ahead of myself, gotta focus on surviving.
The worst part was by far the plane ride, all the awkward silence, and then the massage came. 100 miles before we reached Normandy and our drop zone, the long-distance radio lit up and a
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Just then the plane takes a nose dive, one the men quickly goes to check on the pilots, when he didn’t respond, well we started jumping. We were trained to avoid turret fire and mortar shells but we weren’t told about the real horrors of war, as I looked down I could see the plane just as it crashed, into another plane. At first I thought I could hear the screams of the men who went down, who we left in our plane only to crash, but it couldn’t have been that the mortar shells had already made me deaf. When I look to my left all I see is chutes and planes and then I spot him, my wingman, Jimmy Wrangler. We were lucky enough to be deployed from the same plane, but when our plane went down I didn’t have enough time to see if he made it. It was the best thing I saw all day, I almost shed tears I was so

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