Personal Narrative: Junior At Smithville High School

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Carl McCall, Junior at Smithville High School Interning with Gladstone PD HIgh school has always been easy for me, and probably for the majority of people that have been through the school system in America. 20 years ago there wasn’t a such thing as a program like northland CAPS for high schoolers. Also 20 years ago you didn’t need a college degree to pursue most careers. For me I’ve always been a procrastinator, even the application I submitted to northland caps was late. I’ve always been comfortable talking in front of large crowds and I’ve always been comfortable with myself. However, I was tired of the traditional classroom as well. The repetivness of being in highschool learning the same material has the juniors did before you. I wanted to try something different my junior year, and I knew that there wouldn’t be very many juniors in this program making it a bigger challenge for me. Initially starting off at the beginning of the 1st semester we went through a 2 week business boot camp. We were taught all of the basics of the business world. How to dress, talk, present yourself, even how to eat properly at a major event. We had guest speakers coming in and telling us all that they could in their profession and what to expect. It was somewhat of a long crash course to teach us something that would normally talk a…show more content…
Now these projects range from social media plans to cost reduction outline. Most of us had 2 projects to work on, each project was a different team with different agendas making it difficult for you to fluctuate your time. Of course at first it was just annoying and tedious for all of us to have to manage our time. However, looking back it has made me realize that by doing that our instructor has given us this challenge to show us in the real world you don’t have just one task all day. You will be multi-tasking and working with different
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