Personal Narrative: Junior Year Of High School

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During the sophomore year of high school, we received paperwork for the classes we wanted to take Junior year. I took a look at all the amazing classes Avon offered, and decided that I wanted to switch things up and challenge myself. I did this by signing up for two AP classes, AP US History and AP Biology. I thought it would be a great way to challenge myself, because I had never taken any AP classes so far. I also wanted to prove to myself that I was really good in sciences, because I’ve always wanted to become a doctor. This class, I thought at the time, would really open my eyes to Biology and would look great on my transcript for college. I took AP US History because a friend of mine urged me to take it. We heard from others students that the class wasn’t all that bad. We also knew that if struggled with something in this course, we could always depend on each other.…show more content…
As a new, incoming junior, I was very eager to start these stimulating AP classes. “These classes will be a breeze.” The first few weeks were starting out good, I turned in all my homework and in-class assignments, I did decently okay on quizzes. It wasn’t until my first tests in both classes, that things started to derail. I did terribly bad in AP Biology, it had brought my grade from a B to a devastating F, similarly in happened in US History too. The questions on the test actually made you think critically, you had to come up with the solution yourself. It wasn’t like any other test I had taken before, where you studied something in the study guide and it was likely that it would be on the test. I was overwhelmed when I got my test score, but it motivated more to start studying up more and take excessive notes, so I could ace the next
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