Personal Narrative: Just One More Pin

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Just One More Pin It all started out with my grandparents. It’s something that’s been passed through each generation. We’re a bowling family. My grandparents started on a league, then put my father on a league (but not my aunt and uncle). Next it went to my two cousins and their little brother, who encouraged me to join his team. The next year I encouraged my sister, and she joined my team. We even got my eight-year-old cousin to join the league (if you think that’s bad, there’s another thing coming). My cousin has a four month old baby who will be put into a league as soon as he gets old enough to walk. My grandad was so excited that he started planning this before he was even born (he even tried to teach him how to position his hands…show more content…
We went and got checked in, then prepped for bowling. I remember as soon as we got there, the other girls were queasy and complaining about their tummies. I felt fine, but everyone insisted, “No don’t eat those poisonous Timbits. They will kill your stomach.” Being the rebellious daredevil that I am, I ate them anyway and said to them all, “It’s fine it’s not like I’m gonna die.” Coach just told the girls to calm down because it was probably just nervous jitters. We sat in the dimly lit bar, waiting for what felt like an eternity. Then finally, the announcer said that we could get to our lanes for the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. I know that this is supposed to be a serious moment, but it seems like every time we have a tournament they play the one with the saxophone. The saxophonist is so obnoxious at some parts that it makes people giggle every time, and I just can’t help it. After they played the banner, they announced for practice to begin, and like always, I throw a gutter my first ball. It never fails, I do horrible in practice then make up for it in the game. The first game we bowled, I got a 253 (my highest score ever). That score put me in first place. I was so happy. People were so impressed and coach even said that some of the other coaches were impressed too. After that game, we bowled about five more (I honestly can’t say if it was five or six, because after three you start to lose count), and after each game I got more and more tired. At least I was staying in my normal 150-170 range though (that’s not too bad, but others can do better). I was slowly knocked down from the top. At the end of the tournament, they announced that they were taking the top 16 out of 50 something girls. I was really nervous because I had gotten the one 200 score (the highest game of the day) and the rest were in my normal range, plus the other girls were so good. They announced the first one through
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