Personal Narrative Kaden

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Come on Corrin think, you can get yourself out of this. All you have to do is out smart him. I say to myself as I keep fighting him then it dawns on me... I have to give in to make him stop. Once Kaden gets what he wants it'll all be over. I stop thrashing against him and start kissing him back. I can tell that he still has his guard up but he loosens his grip on my hands. After about a minute of us making out he starts kissing down my neck. So I take this opportunity to get my hands free. "Kaden can you please let my hands go. I need to be able to touch you" I say innocently and he immediately releases my hands and picks me up rapping my legs around his waste. After a couple more minutes I feel the bed beneath my back. This is my chance to get free I think to myself as I remove my legs from around his waste and before I have the chance to feel bad or talk myself out of it I bring my right knee up and knee him as hard as I can right in his groin then I push him off of me and into my bathroom.…show more content…
Why would he do that, I think to myself as I set down on the floor and lean my head back against the wall. "God why am I so stupid" I say angirly and slam my hand down on the floor then start picking up random things and throwing them at the walls angirly. "I hate you Kaden!" I yell as I start crying again. "I hate you so much" I say as I start rubbing at my tears angirly and notice someone banging on the door. "Corrin let me in! Unlock the door!" Kaden yells. At the sound of his voice I immediately freeze and my anger is replaced by fear. "Corrin let me in or I'll brake down the door" I hear him yell and this makes me start shaking with fear as the flashbacks to me and Keller start
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