Personal Narrative-Kathie

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“Come on, let's go,” said Kathie. “No, we can just sleep here in the park, behind the bushes. Did you bring our sleeping bags?” I said sarcastically. “Em, come on, seriously,” said Katherine. “I'm not joking anymore.” “Ok, fine. Just wait,” I said, trying to peer over the bushes. “Hey! Kathie, look there's a shoe over there.” “Who cares? Someone probably dropped it,” she replied. “Yeah, I'm just gonna leave my shoe behind the bushes,” I responded smartly. As I advanced on the bush, I gasped. Suddenly unable to find my voice, I spoke “K-Kathie…,” “Yeah?” she called out. “C-can you come over here?” I stammered. She slowly walked over, approaching the bush, I heard her gasp quietly. We stayed there a minute or two listening to our heavy breaths.…show more content…
Let's go.” I and Kathie were walking on the sidewalk. I turned to see Brendan again. I turned to Katherine “I feel like he's following us.” Katherine spoke a minute later “I'm also getting that feeling.” We quickly ran into Starbucks. “What do we do?” asked Kathie in a hushed voice. “We ask Aaron to keep an eye on him. We act normal with him and try to find out more. Get it? Hey! You still with me?” I watched Katherine carefully staring out the window intently. I followed her hazel eyes staring right into Brendan's emerald green ones across the street. He slowly lifted his gaze to mine. Soon my blue startling eyes were mixing into his. I stared at him till my phone buzzed with a text, Come into the alley. Kathie looked at me with questioning eyes. I said “Brendan.” “But he didn’t take out his phone!” I shrugged my…show more content…
He stopped right in the middle, and so did we. Suddenly he just fell, the black mist appeared and took the shape of a beautiful lady. With long shining black hair, black snakes coming from her eye sockets and her pale white skin. She spoke again with her voice. “I see you are trying to keep an eye on him. But you don’t have to, at least not anymore.” “Who are you?” I spoke, my voice barely audible. “Let me tell you. I was first created to be a wife to Adam. But I would not obey him or any of the Gods. So I was cast of the Garden of Eden and replaced by Eve.I wasn’t just kicked out, I had as punishment too. I was punished by not being able to bear any children or, at least, keep them in my womb but upon birth, they die.” She closed her snakey eyes for a moment then spoke “But I’ll be right here from now on. I just need you. You are my last piece,” right away I knew she was talking about me.
We sat in Aaron's room waiting for Brendan to walk up. Suddenly he started stirring, he opened one eye then the other. He got up “It`s me. No Lilith!” We all stared at him as if he had spoken gibberish. “Let me explain, she had taken over my mind and controlled me. I could see what she did but not stop it. She even killed someone. The same guy saw in the
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