Personal Narrative : Keep An Open Mind

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Keep an open mind… Keep an open mind… Her father’s words echoed through her head as one might hear a reverberation throughout the Taj Mahal. Continuous. Chilling. Having no control to distill the wavelengths until they mellowed out on their own accord. She tried to anatomize the depth of his phrase, more than dutifully needed but Davina needed to know why. Why did she need to keep an open mind and more importantly, who the hell was about to come bursting through that door. But then again, did it really matter in the first place. When she thought about it, the brunette could have laughed at the idea. That an unattributed, faceless figure had her panties in a bunch. Surely Dominic wouldn’t think to waste her time with venial diversions,…show more content…
In all honesty, she is a very emotional- more or less sensitive as a person. Davina is deep and there are those times when she finds reigning in her feelings extremely difficult. In retrospect, people have believed her to be a sociopath. But she 's far from it. Dani is very much in touch with her feelings. Her emotions are unwarranted, lacking a common denominator so she feels them very strongly in fact. When she hates, she hates passionately. When she falls in love, she falls hard. If it also isn’t obvious, she is very analytical in all aspects of his life. She leaves no stone unturned. No tree uprooted. This may contribute to her meticulous nature. Cleaning and organizing is fastidious. And she’s finicky when it comes to her personal items as everything needs to be in proper order. Otherwise it irks the fuck out of her. She does enjoy a sensible battle of the wits as long as its own her own terms. In situations of stress, she dulls herself to mediocrity. Conflicts are something she does try to avoid even if it means allowing the other person some sort of short-lived, reveled victory. If pushed to vexatious regions, her wrath is unbecoming as Davina tends to smugly address her arguments by making her opponent feel less then what they are. She takes comfort in pulling off their wings. Of versing her psycho-babble as if it 's the truth and enjoys watching them
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