Personal Narrative: Key Club

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One of my biggest struggles I deal with everyday is that I feel like I’m one of the few people who actually does things from the heart. I don’t do something because someone told me it was a good idea or because I’ll look good to other people. I can provide you with plenty of examples to clarify this and the easiest example I can think of would be school. I bet that 75% of high school students only go to classes because it’s federal law. Most of them (including me at one point) go there to just memorize stuff and try to make our parents happy with decent grades. Rarley, would you get a kid like me who attends class to learn about a variety of topics and actually retain the information. Even though many of my classes incoporate topics I won’t ever use (or take the…show more content…
Because the way one grows is based on one’s ever expanding knowledge and experience. Both are vital to percieving the world in new and intricate ways. Anyways, I’m getting to philosophical and offtopic. Volunteering provides excellent leadership skills, as long as everybody actually tries. I’m part of Key Club which basically is a club that offer oppurtunities to volunteer at different events around Vegas. There’s two types of events to choose from: independent or group. I try to stick to independent because I prefer to work alone (don’t get me wrong, I want to work on fixing that) and because when I’m in a group, some members don’t put their heart into it. I honestly feel like if you are willing to donate your time, then make it worth it and give it your 100%. Many volunteers don’t share my views. The slackers, as I like to call them, do the bare minimum and act like they don’t want to be there. I no longer let people’s lack of effort affect me anymore though, I use it as a learning experience to not let those around you affect you. In addition, I always try to be encouraging towards the slackers and motivate them to improve (but I don’t over do it and come off as
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