Personal Narrative-Lack Of Ecstasy

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There are times in which I feel as if my life is void of color.
It is an endless abyss of nothing, a cancer with no hope of recovery.
Color is added through one’s ability to express themselves.
I am bound by the expectations and restrictions of all I have ever known.
I strive for happiness, which is achieved by self expression, acceptance from others, and the sweet ecstasy, known as freedom.
More often than not, my life seems to be severely lacking in what is described above.
The only time I feel truly free is when I am little baby lavender pup, also known as Lyra.
That is me, who I am truly.
I am a wolf puppy growing into my own relentless and fierce personality.
But yet, lovable and protective over those whom I love.
My pack is her only glimpse
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