Personal Narrative: Learning From My Mistakes Essay

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There is a point in everyone’s life when they step back and realize “I can’t do this anymore, it’s ruining my life”. Many of my friends have started smoking cigarettes while drinking at a very young age, and continue to use this drug currently and don’t realize the affect it has on their future. While I have been smart enough to avoid smoking, I haven’t been as wise at making decisions when it comes to drinking. The amount of partying I’ve done in college has taken over my life, and has had a huge impact on my grades. Changing my drinking habits and continuing to avoid cigarettes will enable me to be the best I can be for the rest of my college experience.
Eighth grade was the first time I saw my friends smoke at a party, and at first I
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The reason that alcohol is linked to the initiation of an addiction to cigarettes is because these drugs are linked during a person’s mid-teen years. Studies have called them “gateway” because the use of one leads to the use of the other. Gateway drugs are also linked to the use of other drugs such as marijuana (DeNeui & Rothenberger, 2009, lesson 10/slide 18). If I would have started only smoking while drinking, I’m positive it would have quickly turned into an addiction because of how frequently I drink. Finally, I can understand why my friend’s started their addictions by drinking and I’m especially glad that I hadn’t done the same.
Alcohol has gone from being an occasional drink, to having a spot next to school on my list of weekly priorities. I started to notice towards the end of high school that my drinking habits were pretty out of control, and I knew that college life would only make it worse. I thought of partying as a good thing and I didn’t realize that if I continued to keep drinking as much as I had been, all of my goals for college would never be possible. My expectation for myself in college was to join as may clubs as possible, make many new friends, and study hard so I could have a spot on the Dean’s list. Instead I started college off on a bad foot, making friends only to party with and getting drunk every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
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