Personal Narrative: Lesson Learned

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Lesson Learned

Where do I go when I don’t know where to start? How can I enlighten you the reader, about my journey through the dark? I guess I’ll start by telling you about myself. I have gained a lot of wisdom in 23 years of my life, but I’ve never really shared my life story with anyone until now. Do I start with my failing moments, or do I start with my most up-rising moments? What about my relationship with my mother or the relationship with my fiance and kids? I don’t want to make this a regular story about my best birthday celebration or the first car I bought, I want to tell you about the grittiness of my life. I don’t see myself as an average human, maybe it’s my zodiac sign Aquarius that makes me overthink about myself as a person. I’d like to tell you about my family. To start off with, I’m a young Hispanic man raised by a single mother of two boys who grew up in a decent environment. When I mean decent, I mean that we weren’t rich nor were we
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I needed to think outside the box and realize what is important in life is making the right choices. Making good choices opens my life up to opportunities such as becoming an engineer. Until I get my high school diploma from YouthBuild, my opportunities to make money are limited. I may be poor in material items, but I’m rich in my mind and heart. YouthBuild is also going to help me learn the construction trade, which will help me earn an income and pay for college. My Mom is very happy with my choices and she is looking forward to me obtaining my high school diploma. She is going to throw my a party when I complete the YouthBuild program. So what I’ve learned, it that it doesn’t matter what Zodiac sign I am, what matters is that I am moving forward with my life. My Mom is a role model for me and I hope after receiving my high school diploma and college degree that my daughters will consider me a role model
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