Personal Narrative: Lessons Learned In High School

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Before we went to lunch, I was so furious that I yelled at Mrs. Price, “How can you pretend like everything is okay?” The entire class just stared at me, and Mrs. Price said,”Rachel! We will eat lunch, then accompany the principal in her office!” I knew there was steam coming out of my ears by now, but I didn’t say a word. In the cafeteria, I ate my lunch silently in fear of what I might say. After lunch, I went to the principal’s office, did five worksheets, and calmed down. I finally got sent back to Mrs. Price’s room. I asked her,”Can you please tell me what I missed? I got all the worksheets done.” Mrs. price replied,” The worksheet you did were the ones we did in class. Now sit down. Without the attitude this time.” I sat down
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