Personal Narrative: Levy

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Levy and I were talking about our plans for the day. “So movies, library, coffee shop, cafe and arcade,” I said as we walked around the mall and looked at the red, pink, and purple decorations that hung up for my least holiday and Levy and I wore dark colors. “Yep, lets go to the coffee shop to get breakfast, then to the movies to see Annie,” Levy spoke while we walk over to the Carla’s Coffee. “So the Shrimp and Bunny Girl are skipping school just like Blue told me,” a rough, familiar voice said and Levy and I stopped in our tracks, “Thats new a one for you two.” “Actually, we do this every year on this stupid holiday,” I said, “Every year, its the same thing . Girls get chocolates, teddy bears, and flowers from the boys and rub it in
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