Personal Narrative: Lif Life

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This really had an impact on me because it occurred to me that perhaps that’s why risks are so galvanizing yet simultaneously petrifying. Opportunities allow us to discover what we are capable of achieving. They allow us to seek the parts of us that we were too afraid of coming in tact with because we didn’t want to get hurt. The contemplation on how we should go on about our daily lives sunders my thoughts into two different perceptions. Do we live our lives with an adventurous and carefree state of mind knowing that we are going to cease to exist sooner or later or do we carry on to a life protected by a guarded wall fearing that we will never be able to triumphantly over come the challenges that are presented to us? I don’t think I can experience a life running from opportunities disguised as what we consider to be challenges. I want to be able to take overwhelming risks without a doubt that it was too much for me to handle.…show more content…
No matter which route we choose to take or how we decide to live our lives, we are all capable of leading our lives to their maximum potential. I think, that’s why when we know an action is unusual for us to do, we often find ourselves compelled to do it. Life is a journey that is greater than its destination. It is magnificently beautiful to know that no two people are ever going to live the same life. Seven billion people experienced yesterday differently, than how you did. However, no matter how unprepared we are, we have to believe that we will end stronger than how we began. There is something inside of us that is larger than all of us. There is life inside everyone and everything, from a light bulb to a human
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