Personal Narrative: Life After Depression

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Life may have its ups and downs but no matter how bad things may seem, I believe that the pain and misery and even depression, or any sort of negative feeling you have at any point in time, is only temporary. Things will improve and do not worry about the small things in life because everything is in God’s plan for you. In eighth grade my family and i had just gotten back from Hawaii so we were extremely jet lagged. My family was in the dining room and my baby cousin had spilt water on the hardwood floor and i did not know. I ran in from the kitchen excited because i had found the last of my favorite food. I slipped on the water and fell back and hit my ribs on the coffee table. I thought i cracked my ribs so my Gram took me to the hospital…show more content…
My family and I immediately started bawling our eyes out.I went to a hospital the next day to schedule the surgery to remove the tumor.Four long agonising months i had to wait to have it removed. The thought that I would die at the age of 13 was terrifying and sent me into a deep dark spiral of depression that made me not have the urge to do anything. At one point I wouldn’t even get out of bed to go to school. I just laid there crying. My Gram sat me up and said, “ No matter if you have cancer or if the tumor is benign you have to do what makes you happy and literally and figuratively live every day like it’s your last with as much love and passion as possible.’’ I live by this to this day. After I came I woke up from surgery the doctors told me the surgery went well but they messed up a little bit and hit my lung and the result of that was a collapsed lung.Although the collapsed lung, with God’s grace and answered prayers from my family I am cancer free and currently dealing with the lung nodules but am back playing sports and living a normal life. Looking back I have a different outlook on life and appreciate everything I have way more than I did before.I realize that it was all part of God’s plan to make me a better person and
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