Personal Narrative : Life Changing Experiences

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Going through life changing experiences and being exposed to new and unwanted is difficult to overcome. As humans, we can withstand so much, and it reaches the point where we can no longer deprive ourselves from portraying our emotions and shedding out tears. It was like being suffocated into an internal depression with no escape that consumed the vivid and optimistic personality that was once there. It was hard to accept the reality that was laid in front of me. Hesitantly, and by force the truth had slowly began to merge into my heart. Yet, confusion and disbelief still created questions that weren’t understandable, especially when knowing that a person who radiated his optimistic energy to everyone was being devoured by a plague that left him in fragile conditions. The agonizing hours of having to wake up early in the morning were finally over, school was no longer in session but the searing heat continued without mercy to burn our faces. Even when we stood beneath the shady trees we didn’t receive a cooling gust that satisfied our heat. But the grasp of unlimited freedom was within reach, giving me power to sleep late at night, and then sleep in. Nothing could go wrong, or at least that’s what I thought. That afternoon the cerulean sky emitted a calm and relaxing ambience, and the clouds lingered next to the tangerine sun that gave fiery kisses to our sunburnt skin. However, my family and I were concealing ourselves from any outdoor communications,
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