Personal Narrative: Life Is Strange

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I first experienced this title last year via a demo of the first episode. I assumed I would like it based on that, but I didn't realize how the game would pull me in, nor that it had the potential to become my favorite game of the year.
Players control Maxine Caulfield, a photography student at a specialized high school. Upon witnessing a traumatic event, she gains the ability to rewind time. This allows for countless interesting experiences as players deal with bullying, search for answers to a missing student, and discover how their choices influence the world around them.
Players should expect emotionally powerful moments on their journey and prepare to feel invested in the characters' well being. The gameplay is slow-paced, with very little action. Like other graphic-adventure games, the fun doesn't come from a satisfying gameplay loop. Instead, the enjoyment is more akin to watching a compelling show, yet the protagonist is lead by the player to solve puzzles and find answers.
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If you favor any of Telltale's creations, then this is your cup of tea. Life Is Strange boasts significantly more polished graphics and frame rate than Telltale's efforts. The stellar, award-winning voice acting also impress.
However, it is not without its faults. The main I noticed was bad lip-synching. I played one scene towards the end where my character's lips did not move at all. Also, I wish there was a way to move faster throughout the game. Any sort of jogging or quick-walk feature would reduce frustration from having to search an area again, and could encourage multiple playthroughs.
Still, despite the small issues I have with Life Is Strange, it is easily the highest-quality graphic-adventure game out there. If you have not experienced this type of game before, give it a chance and enjoy the most excellent entry in this resurgent
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