Personal Narrative: Life Lessons From El Salvador

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Maya FrostBrophy
Life Lessons from El Salvador

Being able to travel is a gift, a privilege that not everyone is afforded. It has always been a dream of mine to travel abroad, and I’ve been granted that gift multiple times. One of the most memorable experiences was traveling to El Salvador. It was my first mission trip and first trip out of the country. In the short amount of time I was there, patience was the biggest things I learned. As Americans, we're used to everything fast-paced, we lack the skills to be patient. I was the same exact way, waiting made me anxious and hated being late. In El Salvador, being on time was not the main priority, the experience was. Instead of focusing on time management, the focus was on exploring this different place. It’s important to take in the culture around you and reflect, to stop and enjoy the small things. Instead of focusing on when your food will arrive, try and interact with the locals to learn more. There’s always an opportunity to learn and
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When in different countries, they don’t necessarily have the same things like food or language. It’s important not to focus on the language barrier but rather on the people you can meet. You’re given the opportunity to meet people who experience things we may never will. Being abroad is a perfect time to be adventurous- I am a very shy person, i don't approach others often to talk, but when abroad it’s the perfect time. Now, I don’t mean stopping a completely random person on a busy street. In El Salvador, multiple villages were visited and we were given the opportunity to interact with everyone. The people didn’t care that I was struggling with my words, they were happy to talk and tell me about themselves and their experiences. Also, being open to new food. I hate cheese, rarely ever eat it, but ended up trying cheese and bean pupusas and fell in love.Being open to new things allows you to learn more about
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