Personal Narrative-Lilly: It's My Name

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I am one of those weird kids who goes by their middle name, which I totally blame on my mom. Victoria Lilly Myers. That’s my name. The story behind it is kind of cute though. My mom and dad both agreed on Victoria but could not agree on a middle name. My dad wanted to name me Victoria Secret! Holy cow! How embarrassing would that be? According to mom, she was big fat pregnant laying in the bed and dad was like, what about Lilly? Mom said a light bulb went off and she immediately knew that was it. When I was born she actually named me Lilly Victoria but when the forms came to fill out she said this did not flow right and named me Victoria Lilly. She made this decision knowing that she would call me Lilly because I reminded her of a beautiful delicate flower. The fact that Lilly’s are her favorite flower was an added bonus. The meaning of my two names could not be more different. Victoria is the feminine latin form of Victory. Whereas, Lilly is a…show more content…
It smells like wild flowers blowing in a meadow and tastes like sweet honey. It looks like a room full of soft silky ribbons and feels like a plush cushy blanket. I really do like my name but it is kind of short. I’ve always wanted a longer name that was harder to spell. Mom says this is why she named me Victoria so when I want to be more grown up I can just start using my first name. But, this would not be my name of choice. I would be Kaitlyn. I have always loved this name. A friend of mine born at the same time in the same hospital is named Kaitlyn and my horse trainer is also a Caitlyn. It reminds me of wild horses running free through a meadow and smells like a big open barn full of ponies. Kaitlyn would taste like spicy meatballs at a summer party and look like hot horse chicks taking a dip in the pool. Mostly though, it feels like the warm soft sensation of rubbing your fingers through the thick warm horse fur of your favorite
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