Personal Narrative: Lock-In

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Lock-in I really stopped liking the people at my church for this one. It's my fault in a way because I'm not used to being told no. When people say no to me I just don't understand. My church had a lock-in and wouldn't let me leave. There was a play that I was in at church. We were practicing for weeks. Out of nowhere they planned a lock-in. I wasn't going to go with but my mom made me. If had to go I might as well bring along my best friend. I packed my bags and I picked her up. After The play we decided to get snacks from the gas station down the street. We get our stuff and we're about to leave but one of the mentor told us we can't leave. I was trying to explain to them that I didn't eat and I think I'm vegetarian. The food that they…show more content…
That's 75 percent of our customers. They get baked and make big orders off our menu. I don't know if there are big time drug dealers down there, but there are a lot of men with fat wads of cash. It be the size of your fist rubber band up like u see on the rap videos. Some time I think I chose the wrong profession. The job was really fun but it where things that I hated. People never read our menus so they order things we don't have. Like strawberry slushes. Our menu says strawberry sprite aids. They will ask for hot dogs. I just wonder are we even looking at the same menu because it says nothing on there about hotdog. We only have chicken. Most are the workers are my friends but two of them were the worst. One of them even stole money out the cash register and didn't get fired. I almost quit. I'm lying but all in all it was pretty cool. I'm going to miss that place. A lot of great memories I have there. My whole summer was basically spent there. Looking back on it makes me kind of sad. Soon I'll be graduating and everything will change. It just seem like life is moving really fast. (300) X-girlfriend…show more content…
How it all started I couldn't tell you. Out of nowhere I Knew that I wanted this girl. It was this girl in my class named cookie who was helping me. She gave me the girls Instagram. Lucky for me her kik was in her bio. We start texting and talking to each other in class. We start meeting up before school. The best feeling in the world is when you like somebody and they like you back and she did. I asked her out and she said could tell me any thing I was the happiest man on earth.this was really closet to valentine. I went to the store and bought the biggest bear I could find and all her favorite candy. She was so embarrassed when I gave it to her. The whole class got up and took pictures. Just like how every good thing comes to an end so did we. She broke up with me through text
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