Personal Narrative: Looking At Different Stages In My Life

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I decided to try this out since it's hard meetwith my schedule. I'm very particular in what I'm looking for because the times I have dated , the connection wasn't all the way there due to being in different stages in our lives. I'm looking for someone that is independent, has a career and is over partying every weekend. Someone that is over the hook up phase and is looking at the big picture! I want to meet someone that can match my interest, someone that is adventures, loves being outdoors, and cares about health and fitness (but not a health nut) is a must. I love trying new foods and new spots to eat as well as trying new foods to cook. If you cook, bonus points for you Theirs nothing sexier then a man that can cook for his women to.…show more content…
My family jokes around a lot so you have to have a sence of humor. I guess the ideal someone is funny, intelligent, down to earth, honest, loyal, caring, romantic(not many guys are) and confident (not cocky). Im making this dream guy up, aren't I? Anyways, I should tell you about myself. I love hiking, working out, dancing, yoga, spending time with family and going to church. I go to Central Christian church. I started going a couple of months ago when a close friend of mine was going through a loss, ever since the first day I steeped foot there I felt like I belonged.I don't categorize myself as a christian but I do support the churches values and their belief to change peoples lives through the love of God. I'm from San Francisco, CA. I moved back to Las Vegas about 2 years ago. At the moment I am a certified optician apprentice, what is that you ask? Thru your prescription I supply the best lenses and frames that is medically correct while given you the best calrity. I also dispense, adjust, fix and educate customers on different lens technology. lam working the field while going to school to become
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