Personal Narrative: Lucid Dreaming

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This morning I woke up agitated and moody. I was lucid dreaming basically all night so I am really tired because my mind was on and racing all night. After I had my coffee I was good to go.

If I woke up as a car or a rat I would be very scared. Cats and rats cannot communicate with humans, so how would I talk to my mom? If I woke up as a cat or a RAT my mother would flip out and kick me out of the house and wouldn’t even know it was me because I am physically a cat or a rat who can’t speak for myself. Although aside from the negative aspect of not being able to communicate with those I love, I don’t know if I would like being a cat. If I was a cat, I could lounge around all day and get belly rubs and soak in the sun and sleep. Waking up a
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