Personal Narrative: Mac And Cheese

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“But, Mom... why can’t I go?” “Sweetie, you know what goes on at those parties,” Mom says, as I begin to pack my bag for Gramma’s house. I turn around and begin to make my dinner of the one and only... Mac and Cheese. My friend Keesha invited me to a party this weekend that all of her friends are coming to and then, some more that that. I really wanted to go but when I saw the look on Mom’s face when I told her that I wanted to go, her eyes looked sharp as ice. She doesn’t like me going to popular events, like a party. She won’t even let me go to the park by myself because she is scared I will be irresponsible and get hurt. I notice the water start to boil and I suddenly am snapped back to reality. I put the Mac and Cheese into a plastic container and grab a fork. I run upstairs and grab my phone and charger. I tell my Mom…show more content…
She is sitting on the front porch sipping lemonade. We jump out of the car and I walk in the house. I find the guest room and dump my stuff on the bed. I walk outside just as my mother is telling my Grandmother that I am not allowed to go to any party for the whole weekend. She then gives me a hug, says “Be good” and drives away. I sit outside and eat my Mac and Cheese with my Gramma. I ask if I can go over to my friend Alex’s house and when she says yes I am surprised. I jump in her car and drive away.
I come to the party driveway and just stare. It looks normal, but that's typical, they don’t want the police to know. I walk up the front steps and walk inside. There is music blaring that you can’t hear from the outside. It sounds like a fire truck is right next to you blaring its sirens. I see Keesha and run over to her. She looks very excited to see me, but I can’t hear a single word she is saying. Then I see her boyfriend doing some weird stuff to her. I walk away and go throw up in the bathroom. But that won’t be the first time I throw up in the
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