Personal Narrative: Manhunt In Negotia

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My synagogue youth group likes to host lock-ins often. In these lock-ins, we like to play games. One of the fan favorites is manhunt. Since everyone in our youth group knows the synagogue well, you have to get creative while choosing a place to hide. During the last round of manhunt, I hid so well that no one was able to find me. But I also got stuck in a place that I was not able to get out of. During a game of manhunt at one of these lock ins, my friends and I were the first ones to be found. We decided that we were going to have to choose a place that no one had ever hidden before if we wanted to win the next round. In my synagogue, we have a stage, and on top of the stage, a big metal rack for extra storage. Next to the rack, there is an old ladder that the maintenance people use when they need to get or put away things. My friends and I thought it would be a good hiding place because no one had ever hid up there before. My friends, Brandon and Matthew climbed up to the top and when it was my turn, I was hesitant to come up. The whole structure was shaky, and since the whole idea of falling from 10 feet was unappealing to me, I decided to stay behind. But my friends…show more content…
We kept quiet and didn’t move. The rules of manhunt are you get ten points getting back to base and five points for hiding. My friends decided to test their luck and try running back. I decided to stay behind because we didn’t want to lose all our points in case they got caught. After sitting in the bin for ten minutes I got scared being all alone, so I decided that I would try running back as well. Prepared to get down, I crawled across the metal rack and approached the edge. As I was about to climb down I realized there was a slight problem. The latter has to be held from the bottom to get down or else you have to jump. I wasn't wearing any shoes so jumping was out of the question, and there was no one else with me, so I was
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