Personal Narrative: Manipulating Others

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Manipulating Others

The other week I made some plans with friends for the weekend. The only problem was that I was scheduled to work on that day. This wasn’t a big deal, as I could simply text my coworkers and ask one of them to take my shift. As I received one excuse after another, I became more desperate until finally someone replied with an “Ugggghhhhh”. This told me that although they didn’t want to take my shift, they probably could seeing as they didn’t give me any reason that they were busy. So how did I convince them? I suddenly changed my approach. Here is the actual, word-for-word text that I sent them. “By the way you're a great person and I'm glad I get to work with you and we're best friends.” Why did I say that? Did I just happen to remember how much I enjoy that person and feel the need to tell them? No. I was trying to get something that I wanted, which was them covering my shift. Now, I may have exaggerated in this example, but this is a very real behavior that we all have used.

I observed a small grocery store for a little under an hour to see what social powers I could find. For most of the experience, the customers help themselves to whatever …show more content…

We aren’t always looking for our own gain. The truth is that we instinctively want to be around other people. As selfish as we may want to be, we need to act a certain way so that people want to be around us. When people build a relationship with each other, they trust each other and are willing to sacrifice more. “When we give respect, we get it back in return” (Price-Mitchell, 2014) I think that by giving a sudden string of compliments, I may have been subconsciously trying to quickly boost how much this person trusted me, making them more likely to sacrifice their time for me. I thought that my coworker had the ability to take my shift, and I wanted her to do that. Because of this, I treated her with more kindness and respect than I otherwise would

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