Personal Narrative: Maribel

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One person I’ve always looked up too since I was little would be my mother, Maribel.
She is the most important person in my life and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. Her smile could make anyone’s day just by looking at it. Many people often tell us we look alike or like sisters and it just flatters her. She has short light ash brown hair and brown eyes. She is a bit taller than me, and her skin color is more of a pale white. I also have ash brown hair and brown eyes, but I’m more of a tannish color. Not just because she’s my mom I say this, but she does look young for her age.
There is so many things my mother has done for me I could never repay her for every little thing she has done. She is my rock, best friend, and mother
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I was more calm and kept to myself, I still am to this day exactly like that. I don’t really like going out unless it’s for an occasion but I don’t go out just because. I think another reason I wasn’t ever one of those crazy teenagers that partied all the time was because of my parents. They didn’t raise me like that and it just isn’t me.
I’m glad my parents raised me how they did. They were a bit strict but they would let me hangout with my friends when I wanted to, but I had a curfew. I had to give them my phone when it was time to go to bed so I wouldn’t stay up late. We had a certain amount of time we could watch TV or be on the laptops. I remember crying of anger because I had to give them my phone and I wanted to stay up and text my friends because no one else got their phones taken away, just me. Even if at the time it would make me extremely mad I’m glad they did it. I know little things like that impacted my life and made me who I am.
Now I don’t even watch TV anymore I don’t even really have time for it. I work 2 jobs and am a full time student at MCC. I am currently taking all the prerequisites to get into the nursing program and it’s a lot. I have to know how to manage my time and have certain
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