Personal Narrative: Mary

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Beauty. Such a word cannot be described easily. A word that in itself, is beautiful in a million different ways. Beauty is a strong word. Strong. That’s what Mary taught me how to be. She showed me how to see the world differently. From a new perspective. To see yourself from a different perspective. To not listen to what others had to say about the way you looked or the way you dressed. To look past what people saw and to see yourself in a way nobody else could comprehend. Death is beautiful and tragic. The beauty in it is knowing that they’re safe. Knowing that they are no longer suffering. Mary made this world different. She made it beautiful. She changed my life and many others around her. Mary was beautiful. She couldn’t be explained with…show more content…
Dyed hair, loud music, easy going, and not a single care in the world as to what others thought about her. That wasn’t all Mary was though. She was caring, kindhearted, and cared about the world and everyone around her. She was always willing to volunteer to help others out when they needed someone. I remember always seeing her help someone out in a different way. There was nothing about Mary that I did not idolise. She was like the big sister I never had. I didn’t see her much since she lived out of state but when I did see her, it was great. She was so special to me. She still is. Always on my mind, forever in my heart. Telling someone that your sorry is only words, sympathy is temporary, and so are tears. People think the most effective way of comforting someone is giving them space. Maybe it is to some people but not everyone. I know I’m going to hear “you must have a lot on your plate”, “I know you’re dealing with so much right now” or even, “I know things are rough,”. But, anyone inconsiderate enough to say “it’s really affecting those around you and your work” or “it’s bleeding into your personal life”, is not compassionate, has no understanding of the situation or my pain, and now has lost my trust and respect completely. Something so sudden and horrible will deffinitely affect my work. Something so beautiful should never be taken away from anyone so quickly. Someone so beautiful inside and out didn't deserve anything as ubrupt and cruel as
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