Personal Narrative: Massage Practitioner

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One of the best things that my wife and I ever did was go to massage therapy and holistic health practitioner school together. Coming out of the Marine Corps, I originally was going to CMT & HHP School so I could get a job at a spa or chiropractic office while I focused on obtaining my bachelors degree in organizational leadership. My wife also wanted a change. She was being worked to death and making very little money as a caregiver. Our thought was if we were going to do a physically demanding job and also be able to actually facilitate individual’s healing, we might as well make good money doing it. Going to school together, learning about holistic health and the power of touch, made our relationship incredibly strong. My opinion it is also what saved me and brought me out of …show more content…

I felt like I was reborn and saved from the pit of darkness that I was trapped in. My wife was ecstatic about the positive change and enjoyed me practicing massage on her. When it came time for me to sign up for my next set of massage courses, she decided to jump on board and signed up for many of the same classes. I had been so lost and emotionally cut off; it was a great feeling to finally let her in. We instantly became more intimate, not just physically but emotionally. Often people are confused or uneducated about massage. Massage is not about happy endings or sex. Assuming that often insults/irritates the therapist and the overall profession. Massage is about healing on a physical and emotional level. Massage is very intimate because of the fact that it is extremely vital to have human connection and touch to live. For example, the majority of our clients are either dealing with some type of trauma, injury and stress. Then you have individuals who are single, living alone and just need to feel a man or a woman touch them. The power of touch is crucial and

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