Personal Narrative: Me For Me

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Title: Me for Me I’m Ali Kent. My friends like to think of me as a sweet and smart young woman who is passionate and accepts people with her heart not her eyes. I’m a little bit of everything, like a perfect recipe. A determined, headstrong and compassionate girl who has just met the seemingly perfect guy. Two words that can make my day; Thomas Scott. The cutest boy in school with the biggest heart and sweetest words decided to talk to me. Me! Ali Kent. How is that even possible? I feel myself falling hard for him but how can you not when he calls you the prettiest girl he’s ever seen? And when he says he’s so glad he met me because he doesn’t know what he would do without me? Each time my phone buzzes, my heart fills with hope and overflows…show more content…
An 88% for how hard I worked? Ridiculous, but whatever. I don’t let that make me sad because I know that I’ll just work harder the next time. Three hours later and I’m finally home from school. After getting off the bus I dodge the rain drops that feel like bullets digging into my skin. It’s raining so hard, I feel like I’m stuck in a thunderstorm but I make it into the garage in time, thank god. It’s been a long day and now my mascara is running down my face from the rain… I grab my headphones from my bag and plug them into my ears letting all the bad vibes flow out of my ears like water rushing from Niagara Falls. As I zone out, I notice my phone buzzing. Ding! My phone goes off and vibrates as I sit in my room listening to music waiting for Thomas to text me. Anticipation awaits as I see “Thomas Scott” scroll across my phone. A faint smile spreads across my face. I enter my password into my phone and click the messages icon. My eyes slide on the screen reading heartbreaking words. The text read, “Hey Ali, can we talk? I think we should break up. I just don’t have time and don’t think we are good together and would last a long time. I just feel there is always another person that could make us
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