Personal Narrative: Medical Reception And Terminology

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I have strong communication skills, both written and verbal, which I have gained throughout my working career and studies. Verbal communication skills: In particular, my role as Office Assistant at Prime Tooling, over the past year, I communicated on a daily basis with senior managers, staff at all levels .Moreover, I have to interact with graphic designers and back-end developers of company website .Most of the communication was face-to-face, via email and by telephone. Having a technical background, one of my key responsibilities was to maintain the company website by performing backups of files, databases and updating the CMS system and its modules. Consequently have to communicate with graphic designers and back-end developers for sending requests to make updates to the website. Senior managers would phone me to make the requests for improving the…show more content…
During the course I have prepared numerous written assignments on various topics related to confidentiality, patient care and communication and performed several oral presentations including lecture on Privacy and confidentiality in a Medical Office. Consequently, this enhanced my verbal communication confident and effective. Written communication skills: As I have an interest in working the medical professions, I recently undertook Medical Reception and Terminology Course. The training incorporated all aspects of, medical billing and intensive study of medical terminology. During the course, I had several assessments and scenarios related to confidentiality Issues with Patients, their Families and others The university study has given me systematic training in communicating professionally. Throughout my course I have achieved high grades in writing assessment items, which include reports, analytical papers and essay questions written under examination
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