Personal Narrative-Memoir Of War

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Today was a hard day for everyone. We all have blisters on our feet from walking, and everything that was organized in the wagon fell over. It was a disaster. The barrels of water fell over and spilled out causing the matches to get wet and not work anymore. I have about half the water I had before which wasn't that much. Good thing we're going to be by a river that I can restock my barrels with fresh clean water. Some of the kids got sick with a cold, thank god it wasn't malaria or some other deadly disease. We reached a part in the road where it splits, and we saw some marks on the right path so we figured that would be the correct way, only time will tell. It turns out it was the right way so that's good. Mr. Kenneth saw that it was dark in the sky so we prepped for a little rain to come.…show more content…
Trees were getting uprooted, and all of the kids, even adults were getting scared and crying. A huge gust of wind flew past and ripped our canvas top off our
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