Personal Narrative-Memoirs Of Silver Items

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This week, I forgot to get a few supplies at Diagon Alley. I didn't have a broom to fly there, I could not apparate until a later year, and the Hogwarts express will most likely not take me there alone. But before that, I had to ask someone (who was in another house) what supplies we needed. So grabbing a big handful of the silver floo powder, I tossed it into the fireplace, causing it to turn to an emerald green. I placed my head into the fireplace and as clearly as possible, shouted the house I wanted to go to. Instantly, my head found itself in that fireplace, with the other person waiting for me. I asked her what supplies we needed, and then I brought my head back up to my house once more. Now that I knew what I needed, I got another handful
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