Personal Narrative: Men Of Many Shades

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The reality of this quote is ringing loud and clear. I have come to the conclusion that my "friend" who told me they were interested in helping me with Men Of Many Shades is not someone I can rely on . . . for anything. Never. Ever. Again. I am terribly disappointed, but as I stated before, I knew what I was getting into and I went in with my eyes wide open to this possibility. Still, it is distressing. I wanted so much to treat them fairly, with compassion, and give them the benefit of the doubt. I am also aware that any opportunities that have come to me, have always shown up in a way that feels like the natural flow of things. They practically fall into my lap, so to speak, and feel like they were always meant to be. I understand that any time I have experienced resistance, annoyance, agitation, frustration, and general angst regarding a situation, it means that I am paddling upstream and it's time to let go of the oars.…show more content…
It just doesn't feel like the right time and this person is most certainly NOT the right partner. Despite promising me that they would communicate with me and not leave me hanging, they have continued to do just the opposite in refusing to acknowledge and/or reply to my emails, voicemails, or text messages for weeks without any explanation. I find that behavior disrespectful and downright rude. I am done. So, with that, I wish them a good life, but I think this brings us to the end of our "contract." My life is filled with so many wonderful people, opportunities, and prospects right now, I cannot afford to be distracted by someone who causes me this kind of aggravation. I just do not understand this level of inconsideration, but it's not my job to correct them. Therefore, person-whom-I-hope-I-will-never-see-again, I thank you for this valuable lesson. Moving
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