Personal Narrative: Mia's Separation

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Mia in uncomfortable in her hair color being that her parents and little brother have blonde hair, but Mia is a brunette. Mia says, “I look nothing like the rest of my family. They are all blond and fair and I'm like their negative image, brown hair and dark eyes. […] Sometimes I did feel like I came from a different tribe.” Mia often says how different she is from her family. The differences makes Mia feel like an outsider in her own family. But when Mia wears a blonde wig for Halloween, Mia says “Maybe it was the blond wig, but this was the first time I ever thought I actually looked like any of my immediate family.” The wig allows her to pretend to be someone else, someone who fits in not just at school but within her family. As a blonde,
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