Personal Narrative: Mind Over Body

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Mind Over Body

I had to learn this lesson all on my own. It was hard and difficult to finally get the idea of my personal belief system. I believe it is mind over body if you can believe it you can achieve it. Just like the little boy playing with his fire truck when he grows up he can be a firefighter or anything that he believes he can be. Just like I believed that I would walk during my graduation. I actually got this idea of walking during graduation when I saw my older brothers graduation and had preconceived notions during seventh grade. I never thought that this dream possible to accomplish. It was at my eighth grade graduation that I really began to believe that it was possible for me to walk at my high school graduation. I am not saying that it was easy; I had to put in hard work, sweat, and tears to accomplish this goal.
My biggest challenge was having multiple sclerosis and having a dream of me walking during graduation. First of all, I had to find the right people to help me achieve my goal. Once I had the right people it was a snap to get my dream accomplished. I had to work on my endurance and strength in my legs by doing 30 squats a day. Finally once graduation day came knocking I was really nervous. I was nervous about tripping and falling and making a fool of myself in front of a couple thousand people. I had to overcome my fears
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As the person walking down the stairs,running,and playing sports I can do everything he can do but accommodated to me. I go out to social gatherings to my local community center using my electric wheelchair I go to Jewel to pick up my medication refills I also go to physical therapy. My mother does not trust me crossing the roads because I am legally blind. I have to become more creative on how to get to them so I use the bike path that goes under Kirchhoff so I can get to the other side and get to where I need to
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