Personal Narrative: Mistakes

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Major Lost Today, most people get judged for the mistake they make. No matter how big or small the mistake is. Mistakes are made so we can learn from them and grow. Mistakes allow us to not only learn, but to grow stronger and become a better person. President Reagan said that "mistakes were made". Everyone makes mistakes and it happens everyday they may not be a big deal but it still happened. For some however, mistakes are good because they learn what not to do again. I have learned from many mistakes and have become better because of it. A mistake I have made, learned from and accepted responsibility for is, losing my favorite Victoria Secret bra. This mistake is probably the one I will regret for a very long time. So here it is. I was traveling to see my boyfriend in Greybull, Wyoming. I was planning to stay the night at a friends house who lives in Manderson. I had a bag packed with clothes, my wallet, phone charger and my lost bra. I got to Greybull and switched vehicles and went with my boyfriend and I made the mistakes of bringing…show more content…
I also now just carry a purse and to leave my wallet and keys in and a bag for clothes if I ever go spend the night somewhere. I also learned that I need to be more organized and not lose stuff. This also taught me to make sure I double check before I leave anywhere, and go anywhere. I learned a lot from this mistake and I hope to never lose something this important to me again. I accepted the lost of my favorite bra and realized it was gone. After hours and hours of searching for my bra I realized it was gone. I knew I needed to take responsibility and learn that I made a mistake and need to let it go. I also took responsibility and just went a bought a new bra because I needed to accept that mine was now gone. I realized life is about making mistakes and you just have to learn from
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